Looking for a Profile Hub/Crankset

Hi everyone.

My onza hub and cranks have been creaking a bunch lately, so I’ve decided it’s about time to look for some profiles. Does anyone have a used or new profile hub (trials size [145mmcranks] preferably, but longer cranks will do) they could sell me? I’d also buy a wheel if someone would prefer to sell a wheel whole. I’m currently saving all my money towards CMW and TOque, so I can’t afford a new hub from uni.com. I’ll be at Cal Muni Weekend, so I’d be willing to do the transaction there.

Please, if you have a used profile hub (or wheel) you’d like to sell me, with any size cranks, e-mail me at onewheeler (at) gmail (dot) com as soon as you can, since it’d be nice to do this transaction at CMW if you’ll be there. If you won’t be at CMW, please allow me a little bit of time to reply, since I’ll be at CMW from Thursday night to Sunday night, so I won’t have access to my e-mail.

Thanks for reading.


Is it creaking because the cranks are slipping on the splines or is it creaking because the axle is slipping in the hub body?

If the axle is slipping in the hub you may be able to fix it. I just epoxied my Profile muni hub because the axle was slipping in the hub body. It is holding up so far. The CA Muni Weekend will be a test to see if it holds.

The process wasn’t too hard. I’ll post pictures of the process after the CA Muni Weekend. I would suspect that fixing the Onza hub would be similar. Press out the axle, apply epoxy, press the axle back in, wipe off the excess, then wait for the epoxy to cure.

I’m 90% sure it’s the splines. They’re fully anti-seized on the bolt and on the splines. The play in the cranks can only be felt in 1 crank at a time. So, no, it’s not the keyway.

Noone has a profile hub they want to sell me?

maybe after this week-end but i havent quite decided yet if im going to give up this lame sport. all it really ever does is take me away from my family and put me at risk of injury.

i also have to spend 23 hours total in a car because of it…! WTH?

I think Sofa was saying something about it…PM him.


Does anyone have a profile hub/crankset they’d like to sell me?