Looking for a product review on this frame

hi guy i was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this frame — or has ever ridden it? would it be good for trials — is it really worth it if i were to buy it because its the same price as an xtp


I have not ridden one but from the info we know that it is a steel frame (heavy), has lots of tubing, only fits 22.2mm seat posts- no longer really a standard size in Uni’s. It is that price because it is hand made, not because it is as good as other comparably priced unicycle frames. I would go with a KH or XTP over this

I’ve ridden one ages ago. Can’t really remember what it was like tbh and I was really bad at the time. (still not much better unfortunately… :frowning: )

But why would you want one? Why would you want an XTP anyways?

If you want a full trials frame get an Impact frame. Otherwise get a KH…

I’m hoping you just wanted to know for a laugh!