Looking for a new unicycle...

I’m looking to purchase a new unicycle, but I’m not entirely sure what to get. I’ve been riding for a while, but never quite knew there was resources such as these forums and such available. I’m looking for something along the lines of an advanced freestyle, but a little more rugged for stairs, some minor drops (2-4 feet), and one footed riding and the like. I’ve heard the Torker LX 20" was good, but I was hopeing there was something with a 24" tire out there. Any suggestions?

if you want the best you should go for the KH 24". Theres also the torker DX i think which is 24". If not i’m sure to be corrected

That KH 24" looks pretty good, and it might even be what I may end up getting. But I’m curious as to what people say about tire sizes. Do they affect what kind of tricks you can do to any degree? I want to start learning better tricks, but I don’t know where to look, or what to look for when doing this.

Are you talking wheel size (20", 24", etc), or width of the the tire (3", 2.6")?

I’m on an '05 KH 24" Freeride with a 3" Gazz, and I use the setup for everything. It’s not the best for commuting with a fat, knobby tire, but it’s good for offroad and all around riding. I do skinnies, drops, rough trails, and it works great. It sounds to me like you’d be more inclined to get a 20" to work on skills like one-footed riding. Get the 20" KH.

I meant wheel size.

That’s the thing, on top of me wanting to increase those kinds of things, I do a lot of commuting with it too. I’ve been on a 24" before, and had a lotta fun just riding it around, but from the sounds of things, it’d be better for me to learn tricks on a 20"

if you do a fair bit of commuting you should get the 24", compared to a 20" it is a lot faster, also tricks on a 24" are not nessicarily harder either

i tihnk a 24" is an all round unicycle, its great for MUni, street, commuting and pretty good for freestyle and trials.

What exactly is a MUni?

Muni - mountain unicycling, thats where you ride on mountain bike tracks and the like. Kris holm is the worlds best Muni-ist. For Muni you’d be wanted something 24" or bigger.

So considering everything listed so far, would it be best for me to get a KH 24" or a KH 20" ?

If you want to go a bit of a distance and Muni - 24"

if you want to do tricks and short distance - 20"

but you can manage most tricks on the 24" if i were in your shoes… and if you just wanted nice good quality unicycles that wouldnt break… i owuld take your 500 and buy a 24 and 20 inch DX… neither will break… both are nice… then youll have both for the same price


The torker DX frame has a crappy weld. In welding, you want full penetration to the metal, on the DX, they put two layers together, and weld it so that one one metal is really getting the weld, which causes an easy snap or brake from a twisting or downward force, Mine has a tiny crack in it, only because a friend tried to adjust the seat by just taking it and twisting, but it still rides fine. Besides, the TIG weld should be much stronger than that.

Well, there’s my ranting, but with the amount of money you have, I suggest costum building one, or buy a stock KH unicycle, any KH will last you for pretty much forever.

Here’s what I’m considering getting, it seems like a good deal, unless someone else knows of a better one or something…


thats only a wheel though, you still need a fame, a seat and pedals

figures… I’m looking for a prebuilt one. The picture wasn’t loading for me.
It also helps if I read the description.

Okay, this is kinda getting a little fustrating… I don’t find much of the KH stuff you guys are mentioning on unicycle.com :thinking: Is there another site that may have what I’m looking for?

EDIT: Oops, sorry about the double post :frowning:

okay if you want a kris holm 24" then go herehttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=800
if you want a 20" go herehttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=799:slight_smile: hope this helps

Sweet jesus, that’s expensive. Thank god I’m not paying for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Blargh, looks like my funding just got cut in half :frowning:

How is the Nimbus series? It seems to be okay, any opinions on that?