Looking for a new unicycle; How's this one?

I’m looking to get a bit more serious, so I need a new unicycle. I would like it to be 20" or 24", with a fat tire. Also, I don’t really want to spend more than $160. I’m 15, and weigh about 57kg (125 lb), and I won’t be doing many big drops or anything like that. Will this unicycle last?

It won’t be too good. It doesn’t have ISIS cranks or hub and it’s pretty much a no-name brand so it’s probably not very good. You’d be better off getting a Torker LX (which is less money) or saving a little bit and getting a Nimbus.

do yourself a favour and don’t get Nimbus or something basic, save up and buy something good that’ll last.

A Nimbus would be your best bet, probably the cheapest you can go while still ensuring quality. I’ve had mine for 2.5 years and haven’t exactly treated it well, the thing’s built like a tank; the only thing I’ve broken was a seatpost and that was only recently.

It will suit you fine if you want to get more serious. If you end up doing anything crazy on it though, you can choose buy some stronger cranks (the default ones are good, but not perfect). But that’s likely a future thought.

With unicycling, it’s certainly better to just pay the extra money for a quality ride. All the best :slight_smile:


Nimbus is usually a reasonable choice.


nimbus trials

i am looking to get my first uni and i would like to do some trails/street sort of stuff when i get better so i was looking at getting a nimbus signature would this be a good first uni?

It will work! And because it’s not just a cheap learner it may give you some motivation to learn and definitely allow you to do street and trials so go for it. You’ll also be able to sell it if you don’t like it since it’s a known brand.

I’ve got this exact uni. Its great if you are just going to be cruising the streets.Its the EXACT same frame as older nimbus models and the UDC club unicycle. I think these all (ramiko included) come from the same manufacture, and sold with a different brand names "stickered " on the side. I purchased it because it had a great rim (Alex dx32) and building a wheel is the last thing I wanted to do I terms of upgrades. Mind you I’ve painted the frame, changed the tire to a k-Rad, put on a Kris Holm saddle, swamped the cranks for the cotterless nimbus venture, switched post clamps to a double bolt primo bmx clamp and upgraded the pedals to animal Steve Hamilton pedals. However I (because I’m still not yet skilled enough) would not do any drops and keep the MUni riding to basic gravel paths. This is because and here is where I agree with everyone else that an ISIS crank/hub combo would be needed. All and all its a great intermediate unicycle. I have had no problems with it at all. Here’s a pic of mine (before I switched cranks)


I got the same unicycle in 19" flavour as my first unicycle. Many hours of fun but the only thing I didn’t eventually break was the DX32 rim.

It has a good solid (If a bit dated) rim, the rest is pretty mediocre. Not complete rubbish but not exactly high quality. The first thing I bent was the seatpost. I would suggest pounding a dowel up it’s length for internal support as a preventative measure.

I guess I didn’t brake the saddle but it got replaced relatively quickly. I tried an air conversion first which helped a bit but not much.

I went through a bunch of cranks before getting some prowheels, then I bent the hub. I am/was about 185 lbs and hopping though.

The seattube eventually bent when I didn’t have enough seatpost inserted. Try to keep enough post in the frame.

So yah most any unicycle will work for basic learning but don’t expect it to put up with the stress of harder riding.