Looking for a Manhattan 36" riding vid

I’ve been trying to find a video I saw a couple of years ago. It features a guy riding in Manhattan in trafic, on a 36", like I’ve never seen.

Can’t find it.

I found that one, it has some footage from it, but it’s intercut with other stuff - at 1’10, at 2’00 and more.
But in my memory, the one I saw was just about that riding session.

Anyone has a link to the original vid? Or does it even exist?

Hi Pierrox, it this the video.

I wish I was that good on my 29er.

Can’t believe I’ve been trying to find it for a while and it was always there!

Yep, wish I was that good on any of mine…

As much as I want to see cycling ‘normalised’ in the way the Dutch have done, this sort of riding looks fun as hell :smiley:

It’s part of the movie Inner Balance. I have it at home, the rest is pretty good too! :slight_smile: