Looking for a good used street uni, or new recomendations

The title pretty much says it, what do you think is the best street/urban uni. And if you got a used one that your willing to sell, then please get a hold of me.

KH 05 20"

check ebay for a used Summit 20" trials uni, or possible a KH20 '04. they are quite cheap, and very strong. you’ll more likely find a Summit on ebay.
if price doesn’t matter much, then get a KH20 '05.

Well if you have got the cash then there are a few options. I think a really good street uni would be a kh 05 wheelset with 127 mm cranks, with a carbon fiber miyata seat with a kinport or a reeder handle. However if you have the cash I would go with profile since it has the lifetime warranty. So I believe the cost is definitley worth it.

-Brian Lundgren