Looking for a good six foot giraffe.

I’m looking at getting a six foot giraffe ordered in soon. I’ve been checking around, called a few places, and it seems that the only one here in town (woo for living on an island!) that carries unicycles only carries a no-name brand 150cm giraffe for CAD $320 (!). That’s around $253 US.

I know bike stuff is expensive, but I’m a bit hesitant to drop that much cash on something that isn’t even quite what I want, and the quality of which really isn’t assured. Is there a brand I should be looking out for that’s the last name in giraffes? Anything in the UDC shop? I see the sun giraffes, but those prices seem a little too low :wink:


Schwinn Giraffes used to be the name in 6 footers. If I were in the market for one, I’d get this one: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=40463 (assuming that picture is just an optical illusion on it being bent)

For commercially available 6 footers, the Semcycle is the best out there, on this side of world, unless you get something custom built. For light duty use, the Nimbus and Torker are probably decent (but those are 5 footers).

I have a really nice custom one in the last stages of development. I need to do another wheel with a couple of custom parts to get it just right, though.

It will be going for about four times that, but I haven’t added the numbers yet to know for sure.

It will be ultra-high quality and very rugged. It has a Profile bottom bracket for strength and super smoothness. There is a huge selection of chainwheels for the top.

If you are interested in something along these lines, PM or email me at LiveWire Unicycles.

It makes use of Semcycle’s frame which comes apart for portability, and has a completely rebuilt saddle. Finally, it has a BMX rim and Stockton wheel build.

U-Turn, that uni is absolutely beautiful. However I don’t think I can justify spending quite that much on a uni… yet :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, I think I’ll probably be going with something moreso cost-efficient than sturdy just now, and then I’ll pick up a Sem or something when I manage to trash the cheap one (it’ll only be a matter of time, I assure you:))

I’m still using my original giraffe, from 1980. It’s been around the world, and in over a thousand shows (including one tomorrow!). Get the Schwinn that’s for sale. I don’t think the bent frame will have any effect on you. I’ve seen many with similar bends.

U-Turn, that sure is one pretty giraffe!