Looking for a good MUni.

The Gazz has pros and cons to it. I’ve used one for a few years, but currently have a stock Duro on my 2004 KH24.

The big knobs, huge volume and stiff sidewalls of the Gazz make it the best tire for technical downhill and big drops in my opinion. Also, the square profile means that you have a lot of leeway when riding narrow logs- you can be practically off the log and still have the square profile gripping along the tire edge. It also seems to help prevent slipping sideways when diagonaling across muddy/slippery slopes.

However, the Gazz has some disadvantages as well, compared to the Duro or Kujo or Arrow or other 3" tires. It’s heavier, only slightly but you do notice it. Also the round profile that’s an advantage for log riding is less friendly for cornering than the rounder profile tires- it feels noticeably more sluggish in my opinion.

All in all, I’d say that if you focus on technical downhill or ride somewhere with really sharp rocky terrain and are worried about pinchflats, spend the extra $$ and get a 3" Gazz. If you are worried about weight or want more of an all-round tire, the other 24x3" options may well be better.