Looking for a good MUni.

Hey Guys,

I’m really trying hard to find a good MUni for me. I really would like to have one before I go to Blackhills this summer. But all these hubs and frames… got me all bug-a-boo. I really don’t know what to do. Here’s some questions.

Are square taper hubs really that bad? I really don’t have a ton of money to throw around so it appears this is all I can afford. Would it really be worth it to wait till after Blackhills and save all summer and get a better Muni?

What is the best overall deal for a MUni? Obviously, the Nimbus is cheap but so is the cycle. Is there really a uni where I get what I pay for it? (The Onza Doesn’t look too bad)

Wheel size has me all befuddled. I know that 24” is easier for uphill, but 29” can take bumps better, but what else should I know about wheel size?

Where else besides Unicycle.com could i get one? It might be cheaper do buy from another forum member, or even eBay.

I really don’t want to spend more than $500 on a unicycle especially since I don’t MUni often. Although if I did have one I might go out on it more.

here is my opinion:

i think the square tapered is fine. it is what i use and i have had no problem with it. i have done some pretty technical trails but mostly just moderate stuff. my wheel has stayed mostly true as well. may i suggest getting the suzue hub, dx32 wheelset from uni.com. you could get the gazzo or you could save some money and get the arrow downhill. it is what i use and works for me. then get a yuni 24" or 26" frame (uni.com says that a 3" tire wont fit on the 24" frame but i have seen it done, it just depends on what kind of clearance you want). a kh seat too. i use torker cranks because they are $12 and hold up better than the other inexpensive square tapered cranks (dont get bicycle euros! ibroke them after one weekend of uni). any pinned platform pedals will do. i currently use bulletproof but i am switching because i just bent the spindle in my second pair. this all amounts to under 350, which is a good deal!

I guess it depends on what you’re going to do on it- a lot of hopping or strictly trails? I used a Suzue hub for a while and it lasted, tho as has been mentioned, the Bike Euro cranks bent!

I use a Kris Holm hub and cranks now which are really strong.

I use a 24x3.0 (KH uni) tyre which just absorbs roots and stuff as though they’re not there. It also makes your wheel diameter the same as a 26" one. I’ve not ridden a 24x2.6 (Onza uni), but I’ve heard there is a large difference and that it is better suited to cross country stuff rather than hardcore muni- Could be wrong tho!

If it were me, I’d save up and get either the KH Muni or the Onza one. Depends what you wanna do with it like I said tho!

www.municycle.com has less choice than uni.com but the munis are really cool and cheepish

Damnit! I knew there was somthing I meant to say… But Thinuniking just said it! Yeah- splined hub munis on the low-low! municycle.com! Great site, plus Roland is really useful!

Read The product reviews section of this site, it has some splendid essays, especially the one I wrote about my Pashley 29er,{tsk, tsk}, then get yourself a 26 inch inch muni with a 3 inch Gazzy tire on it. It might not be the ‘perfect’ thing for you, but you will love it, and you won’t find yourself wishing for one later. Hub type may not be that important if you aren’t doing big drops. If you are a shredder the splined hub may be in the works as well.

People often seem to claim that 24x3" tyres are as big as normal 26" ones. Could someone give some actual outside diameters of a 24x3 Gazz etc? My 24x2.6" Onza Kenda tyre seems to be 24.5" outside diameter when inflated.

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Give Darren Bedford a shout out, he’ll hook you up with style

He is able to ship from the states on occasion so ask him about what he can do for you.




Also, buy something that you can grow into. If you go cheap, there isn’t much you can do, if you start wanting to do drops and hops over trail obstacles. They are really fun and you might eventually “go there”. I went cheap with the Sem XLW. Then wanted a Gazz 3.0. So, I had to buy another Muni. If I had just bought something that had clearance for a Gazz 3.0, then I would have saved myself some cash.

Pay a little extra, if at all possible, to get something that will grow with your skills. Say the KH for example.

24" Onza Muni

From my personal experience, i would suggest a 24" Onza, as its basically invincible. I’ve used it for Muni, Trials, Street and Freestyle and as long as you don’t go totally overboard its perfectly stable and really strong. I’ve done stairs, 2ft drops and cranklands with it and its outlived both of my mates unis, who both have square tapered hubs that have twisted out. Of course, it depends on how extreme you are likely to go, but i would strongly recommend splined cranks, especially on a $500 budget.

On the issue of size, mine is a 24" rim with a 2.6" kenda kinetics tyre with 165 splined cranks, and its not as quick as my mates unis, but the extra length really helps on muddy hills, and as far as i can tell the bumb absorbtion is fine for mid to extreme trails. For £230 (about $400?), its the best uni u can get for the price, i’m sure(well it was when i got it, the KH is out at unicycle.uk.com now :wink: )

The only problem i’ve had with my onza so far is the left hand pedal bearing is slightly loose, but You never notice it during normal riding.

Hope this helps.
Rich Lewis

Thanks for the responses so far, I actually have two more questions…

What makes the Gazz tire so special?

What MUni do you people have and what are your feelings about them?

Also, I’m a pretty beffy guy, that is to say, i’m not lightweight at all. It seems that a square taper hub won’t hold up long under extreeme conditions (which i most certainly plan on in any event). I may end up getting a sqare taper hub, probably Suzue since it seems that is the best choice. but i am still leaning tward splined. I think the Onza may be out since i would prefer a 24"x3" tire.

Roger Davies says a 3.0 Gazz fits in the Onza.

If you want to save money, compromise on everything except the hub. A crap MUni with a good hub is way better than a good uni with a crap hub. If you are a big guy and plan on doing anything at all agressive beyond basic easy terrain, DEFINATELY get a splined hub. You will not regret it.


Splined hubs are getting cheaper and easier to get. They are superior to the square tapered axles. If you want info on the durability of the tapered axle hubs search the fora for threads pertaining to hub failure and crank failure.

I’m starting to get kind of nasty with my MUni. I have one of Steve Howard’s anodized aluminum frames, an ALEX DX32 rim, a Gazz, and one of Steve’s stainless steel hub and axle combos. I think the flanges are 304 or 316 but the axle is 17-4 PH hardenable stainless steel and is quite tough. I don’t know if it is tougher than one of the Suzues. I have done lots of 3 foot drops and a few 4 foot drops onto flat asphalt or concrete. My cranks tend to round out but I haven’t seen any deterioration of the axle.

I’m a fairly big guy (105kg), and I haven’t managed to break a suzue hub, although I’ve had to replace one set of bicycle euro cranks.

In the square taper department, the new wide cr-mo hub may be better than the suzue. A wider hub makes a wheel that’s harder to taco, and internal threads are less prone to stripping.

I bought my muni (UDC max traction) before the onza came out and the KH24 crossed the pond. If I was buying one now, I would pony up a few extra shekels for a splined hub.

That said, the nimbus is an incredible value at $200. There really aren’t any junky parts on it. If you go with the nimbus, and you later get a splined hub muni, you could put a slick tyre on it and use it for freestyle.

Wow! Thanks again for all the feedback. Once again I’m kinda leaning back tword the Onza, knowing i can put a 3.0" wide tire on it, and that it has a pretty decent splined hub, but i’m still wondering why I need a Gazz.

It’s grippy and the size allows you to run it at really low pressure. My first muni had probably a 2.6 tire or so (it was thinner) and the difference between that and the gazz was day and night. I could roll over much crazier stuff and get my trials on with the gazz.

The fact that gazzaloddi has such a reputation amongst muniers alone should be proof that its great! dude

As for the rest of the muni: You are going to break some part of a cotterless hub crank setup. YOU WILL! Probably over and over too.

I’d really urge you to go for something splined. If you are a normal human, you probably won’t have to replace it. :wink:

have a nice day.

As you could easily guess, if you read my Pashley essay, I don’t own a real muni, I have a 29er. It is great for trail riding, but there have been a lot of times when I wished I had a three inch tire on the ground instead of the 2+1/8 raptor. I have only ridden a three inch tire once, and they are every thing Mango said. Gazzy rocks.

Interesting to hear you say this. I don’t have a 29" but to me it seems like they should be better (ie. faster with less rolling resistance) than a 24x3" for easy cross-country riding, where you are not hopping a lot or negotiating overly rocky or rooty sections.


Is your question here "Why do I need a $60 gazz, when I could just get a cheaper 24X3 inch tire like the Savage or the IRC Kujo?

I would say it’s all about tread pattern and rubber quality. The Gazz has some pretty extreme knobs, though I haven’t really tested out any of the other 24X3’s so maybe they’re just as good. Also, I’ve ridden my gazz on asphalt quite bit, yet there is hardly any tread wear to speak of. When I picked up Trip Glazer from AU on the way to the NJ Muni Weekend, I was surprised at how much the knobs had been worn off his Savage (that’s the tire, not the crappy unicycle company), which he had owned only a few months.

But yeah, the only reason I got a gazz was because everyone else seemed to use them. But, who knows, perhaps there’s a better 3" tire out there that simply doesn’t have the same name recognition.