Looking for a good Muni trail in near Denver

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Muni and have just been hitting the MTB trails locally in Iowa. We have some pretty good mountain bike trails, just no mountains. I’m going to be in Denver on a work trip over a weekend in early November and would like to go for a muni ride in the mountains.

Can anyone recommend a good trail? I want to be in the mountains, but not too technical (I hate when the MTBer’s see me carrying the muni). I am getting better at decents, but climbing is tough, especially if the climb is lumpy. 10 miles would be plenty, riding a 24. I don’t mind driving an hour or two from Denver, but don’t want to spend all my time driving instead of riding.

Any ideas? Thinking about the Colorado trail? Is snow likely?

Betasso Preserve in Boulder is a nice loop that isn’t too technical. Like all of the mountain trails it has a fair amount of climbing to go with the descents. Also, coming from the midwest myself, I can say that the trails here on average are more technical than most of what we had back in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So, even though it is low in the “tech” scale, it is probably more than what you are used to. On the upside it is a fairly wide trail, so there is usually plenty of room to mount, and traverse as you are climbing.

As for early November, that’s anyones guess. I’ve had years with a dozen ski days before thanksgiving, and then other years when lift areas were struggling to open in December. It’s beautiful at the moment!