Looking for a good commuter...

My next big uni purchase is going to be a good big wheel. What size should I go for? I feel if I’m going to go over 24" I might as well jump to 36", but would 29" be better?

And which unicycle would be the best bang for the buck? How much should I expect to spend on something that isn’t top of the line but will last? I’ve heard rumors that there might be a KH 36" coming out soon?

As a few have said…it is not the best time for people choosing a new 36". In a month or two there will be significant changes in what is available it seems. I went from a 20" to a 29" to a 36", it was a very easy and smooth transition for me, but now that I have the 36" I don’t get back on the 29 that much.

If you want something now…I’d say go with a 29er. Wait a few months for the new coker and other updates and read peoples reviews of those. You will probably want to go bigger though like most people do after riding the 29er, but you can always purchase that afterwards. I find the 36er way more fun, but some disagree.

As far as the KH36 goes…it is just a rumor, but I don’t think he plans on making a 36" wheel, just a frame for a 36" wheel that will fit the KH/Schlumpf hub.