Looking for a DM giraffe

Anyone want to sell a collapsable giraffe.


Anyone know where to buy a DM giraffe?

A buddy had one a while ago. It was great. I know they’re made in australia. but I can’t find their address. Anyone know it?

sorry but are you the street performer dynamike from hamilton? cuz if you are i think ive met you but if not then sorry. but anyways i thinkUDC sells them. and iff not that then i reallt dont kno.

Unicycle.com UK has a collapsable double-chained giraffe that can be set at either 5’ or 7’. Unfortunately it seems it is just recently out of stock. Hope they build more soon.

DM unicycles were made by Dave Mariner from the UK. Unfortunately he stopped making unicycles less than a year ago and is now out of the unicycle building business. The only way you are going to find a DM giraffe now is to find one used.

The 5’ to 7’ extendable giraffe from Unicycle.com UK is probably your best bet for that style of giraffe now.

There is one on udc that is for sale. Its not sold out either.

Hey, Unicycle.com USA does have them now. It used to be that only the UK site had them. That just shows that I don’t look around Unicycle.com as much as I used to.

It is worth mentioning that these are not just collapsible, but they are designed to dissemble in 20" sections so that it will fit in at 20"x20"x5" box!


Thanks for all the tips. I’m looking for a 9 or 10 foot giraffe, but if that doesn’t work out the 7 ft should do the trick.


yeah i want a girrafe too…just not one to tall.

You should contact Roger Davies at the UK branch of Unicycle.com. He’d know if that giraffe can safely be extended to an 8’, 9’, or 10’. A longer middle section and longer chain would allow that giraffe to be made taller. But making a taller giraffe is more than just making a longer pole. A longer pole has more flex and twist so taller giraffes need to be made stronger. A good 10’ giraffe is quite a bit more overbuilt than a good 7’ giraffe.

Too much flex or twist will cause the chain(s) to bind or break or come off the sprocket. And there are other minor issues like the frame cracking or breaking. When you’re up on a 9’ or 10’ giraffe you need the equipment to be safe because a fall from that height can cause broken bones.

for some reason udc australia says it can go to 8 feet

It does depend on where you measure them from. I would say that the 7.5 foot is better size estimate.

We have not tested the giraffes at the higher heights, but the first indications are that they will be ok, we are getting in extention peices for them in full and half lengths so you can pick your height more accurately.

ps They parts come in April