looking for a decent freestyle hub/wheelset.

I’m looking for a cheapish hub and cranks/wheelset to work on freestyle with. Nothing super high end. I’ve got the frame, and i’m putting together a custom saddle.

Also looking for miyata rear bumper and handle.

I have a black nimbus x wheelset with 110mm cranksand a maxxis m-tread tire I can sell to you.

I’ll sell it for $90aud, you pay shipping.

how much?

shipping from oz might be a bit…

how much would shipping be to truckee, california, USA, zip code 96162?

If I were you I’d just pick up one of these or one of these and then a tire of your choosing. Oh, and some cheap qu-ax cotterless cranks.

So that would be

TOTAL-Give or take $95

(Sorry Luke if I just lost you a sale:o )

i’ll probably end up doing that, 'cause shipping from oz would be a helluva lot.

contact beford about green miyata seats. (I think he has some)
and I got a old style blue miyata style bumper from UDC a month or so ago. email them about is

or you could buy a whole LX for 5 bucks more and get them to trade out the tires

Darren doesn’t sell Miyata stuff and anymore. The best bet is to see if Tim at Unicycle Factory has anything he can sell you or order new from UDC. Welcome to the wonderful world of “can find parts for my Miyata seat”.
I have developed an interesteing style of riding where I sacrifice my entire body to not have my uni fall on the back end of my seat after smashing my rear bumper about 3 weeks ago.

Cold+Miyata seat components+wipe-outs= -Miyata components(frustration)