Looking for a deal

Unicycle.com and ebay don’t sell Torker LX’s and DX’s
I’m having trouble trying to look for a deal. If any of you guys happen to find somewhere where they still sell em, that would be much appreciated. I’m looking for either one a LX or a DX.


They got them here.


I was kind of suprised to see your post, because I had seen them in both palces. Appears they are temporarily out of stock. Go to the dealer locater section of unicycle.com, and just start calling one after another until you find someone who has them in stock.

Keep an eye out here in Ebay. This is where I found mine. The actual supplier was here

Is 159 dollars for a dx a good deal? As far as I know, the retail for it is about 200. I’m pretty sure that at one time there was a DX up on ebay for 120 or so.

159 is good.
Was good enough for me :smiley:

I haven’t seen a NEW DX any lower.

Anyone else have any suggestions or links?







I got my DX from eBay. I really like it. Keep looking.