Looking for a club

So the reason i’m here is to try to make my proposal to my girl friend as epic as possible. She has always been fascinated by Unicycles and has always jokingly told me that a Unicycle is required before she says yes to my proposal. Well i want to go above and beyond to make this engagement as memorable as possible.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a club? What i’m offering to compensate the Uni cyclists that are willing to help out could be monetary or i could throw a catered BBQ including beer and wine, at a location that works for the participants.

I live in California, more specifically the Bay Area, i’m willing to drive anywhere in California to set this up. All i’m looking for is for the Participants to circle around us while i propose, if you would like to do something more to show off i’m more than welcome to the idea.

I have a professional photographer lined up that will be taking pictures. We can send you a CD with all of the pictures if you would like to put some up on your clubs website.

I’m looking forward to speaking with anyone that is interested.

My email is mluce5m@gmail.com

Have a great day!

I approve of your girlfriend’s requirements.

Anything to make it as memorable as possible =)

There are plenty of local riders.

It would be really good if you secretly learned to ride. Average time is 2 wks. I taught one guy to ride in a hour.

That is a great idea! Do you offer hourly instruction =p I really appreciate the help. I’m really excited about starting a life with her. I’ll start looking into Unicycle shops in the Bay Area to get some help getting fit for a proper beginner Unicycle…and pads… =D

If your girlfriend has ways been fascinated by unicycles, are you sure you want to expose her to a circling group of virile (is there any other kind?) unicyclists? She just might ride off into the sunset with John Foss! Come to think of it, this might be your clever plan to slide out of an expected engagement.

I second the motion

The ring of unicyclists is a cool idea, but I agree with one of the previous posters that learning to ride on your own would be something special. Just roll right up and pop the question. Good luck!

There’s no club down this way, which is too bad because I’m just 90 miles from the Bay Bridge.

There are some locals who are professional performers, who would be glad to participate for a fee. It’s relatively unlikely to get a group of strangers to participate in your proposal without monetary compensation, however romantic the notion may be. Certainly we’d be glad to help you (and/or your future fiancée) learn to ride.

I just wrote up an article on starter unicycles which might be a place to start if you’re interested in learning.

Good article. Sums it all up pretty well.

Now there’s a place I can easily send people to when I get asked how to get started :sunglasses:

Hah! Don’t worry, In two weeks I will have been married for 11 years. How time flies! :wink:

Yup. If you were already a member of the group that would of course be different. I got a group of non-performers to do a “MUni performance” on the stage as part of our Wedding Show. Good times!

I concur with the idea of learning to ride and involving that in your proposal.