Looking for a 36er

Hey guys, I’ve been riding for years, and am currently riding a custom 19inch Nimbus, which I love for all things trials and tricks. However, I’ve been wanting a uni for longer distance for a while now, and when a buddy of mine found an original Coker “Big One” for 150 bucks, I fell in love with it.

So now I’m looking for one for myself, and any decent 36 would do the trick. I don’t have a specified budget, just as cheap as possible. It’s nearly impossible to find these things used.

Let me know if anyone has one they don’t ride anymore, or even if they know a place I might be able to snag a good deal on one.


unicycle bargains

yes, its extremely hard to find just the right 36er youre looking for, and after a bit of research i just decided to just go new. i found some great deals on a website out of the uk. in fact they even have a nightfox right now for $382. yea, thats still a grip! but it beats $630.00

i loaded up on everything i needed, from cranks to gear and pulled the trigger; still coming out under a grand, even with shipping. im stoked about getting back into riding and doing some long distance runs!..

just gotta get my chops back…


If you don’t mind, would you post a link to where you found such deals?

I don’t know what other UK website has the nightfox but UDC UK has it as their deal of the week. After you remove e the VAT, add shipping and covert currency, I get $428 delivered to Seattle.

yup, thats the one. unicycle.uk.com

Nimbus oracle…Almost new…$650

bought it a couple of months ago for $900. Tried to return but shipping was a rip. Just realized I need the money more than this awesome unicycle. We could meet in columbus.

I see that unicycle.uk sells a Nightfox for a lower price. How do I find how much shipping would cost to New Jersey and how do I change the currency to US Dollars?



Basically use the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of any page and tell them what you want. They’ll email back a quote with shipping and minus UK VAT. It was no sweat the time I did it. They seem very much used to international orders.

Google works for that:

Which UK website has a Nightfox for $382?

Thanks for all the responses! However, I found a great KH 29er about three hours away, so Ill probably be buying this one, instead of a 36er, easier to turn/ride around campus next year. (and maybe get into muni)!