Looking for a 36" muni


I trying to decide which uni to get for doing 36" muni.

Currently I have a geared KH 36". I used it to do some muni rides, but it is somewhat heavy for it… and also I don’t want to break the gear with drops and that kind of stuff.

So far, I found the following options:


  • Pros: It’s a KH.

  • Cons: I would prefer to use an inner disc brake (like in the Oracle), but it is not a blocker for me to have the rotor on the outside.

  • Cons/Pros: The other “drawback” that I see on the KH is that it doesn’t come with a disc brake pre-installed… which can be seen as benefit since I can get one myself and choose the rotor size and type of brake (cable vs. oil).

Oracle 36:

  • Pros: Inner rotor

  • Cons: Apparently it comes with a not-so-strong hub. I want a real muni hub. Perhaps it is be possible to upgrade it to a better hub

Mega Muni Ti 36

  • Pros: Titanium hub… I’m not very familiar with the titanium properties, but I’ve been told they are stronger and more flexible (they suffer less fatigue), and lighter perhaps.

  • Pros/Cons: Wallis Air Saddle… I’m not familiar with it. Is it better that the KH freeride saddle ?

  • Pros/Cons: ZNIS Cranks. I’m not familiar with ZNIS brand… are the comparable with the KH Spirit ? Apparently they come with 145mm preinstalled cranks… I never used that size before. But I would prefer 150mm or 165mm instead.

Did I miss any other pros/cons ?
What is your experience riding the Oracle 36" and the Mega Muni Ti 36" for muni?
Are they strong enough to take 2 feet, or potentially 3 feet, drops?
Are they light enough for muni ?


If you are looking to lose some weight, and maybe gain a bit of strength I don’t think you can go wrong with the KH, or the Oracle. You do seem to have a bit of questionable info though.

While the Nimbus hub is not the most elegant, it is a workhorse that is maybe the standard for strength in uni hubs. Titanium is lighter than steel and more flexible, but CrMo has proven to be stronger in most cases. The design will have a lot to do with overall strength, and since Ti is usually the lightweight option the designs are generally towards that end rather than strength. Plus the cost doesn’t justify the gains considering that it is at the center of rotation.

Technically the symmetrically dished wheel of the KH is stronger than the asymmetrical dishing of the Nimbus. While I subscribe to that, and have opted for an outboard disc, there are plenty of inboard disc users who have had no problems with wheel stiffness, and strength. So, in practical terms I’m not sure it makes a difference.

Comparing the uni’s as sold I would opt for the KH. I know that it doesn’t come with a brake, but that is a small expense, and you get to choose the brake you want instead of being stuck with a brake that you may have problems finding parts for.

Are you sure that the Oracle has a a chrromoly hub?


Thanks for the info.

I wanted to say “titanium frame” instead “titanium hub” when referring to the Triton uni.

I thought that the Oracle 36" had a “regular” hub, while the rest of the Oracles were using the CrMo hub.

But I have just double-checked it, and it comes with a CrMo hub… perhaps this was recently added. IIRC, at least a few weeks ago, the Oracle 36" had a regular hub pre-installed.

Ah! I was using the UDC, UK site where the Oracle 36" is fitted with a different hub.

I think the Chromoly hub would be a big plus for Muni riding. I fitted a chromoly hub to my Impulse 36er, which I use for riding trails and I’m really happy with it :slight_smile:

You’re reading upside down! I lolled at that. Google “Sinz” and you’ll find lots of discussion. I’ve got a pair but I’m not rough on equipment and can’t say for sure. Going by looks I’d guess closer to Ventures than anything from Kris.

Think I just puked in my mouth a bit…

I like Kris and his products, but I really get sick of all of the “it’s a KH so it’s better than everything” garb that get’s sprayed everywhere.

No offense to you (or Kris) but that is neither a pro or a con, simply a fact. Yeah it’s a KH and the Oracle is a Nimbus.

MountainUni looks great, but I still think titanium is overkill.

I remember some issues a while back with the Oracle hub, and people where having UDC lace up the wheels with their CroMo hubs. Not sure if they’ve changed the stock hubs to that or not. KH hubs have a reputation for creaking over time. Search on it and you’ll find it’s a long known about problem.

The Nimbus will have more Q factor which some will argue is better for Muni.

As far as weight goes, good luck finding a light 36er.

@largeEddie: Ha, thanks! :slight_smile:


+1 on the whole statement.

I enjoy a wide q factor which equals a wider stance, both my Nimbus’. Descent and climbing feels easier, even with the wider Duro tire; even as much as q factor of a 120mm hub and spindle is great, to me at least… But that’s just me and my limited experience, comparing it to the older, yet lighter Profile 26" uni. I dont know…i just really like my Nimbus twin forks, so far, i dont notice any unwanted flex on mine. But thats under the fact that i havent the chance to compare to the stiffer aluminum frame KH.

Much weight in the thirty sixer is heavy tire and rim . so far they havent made a superlight 36er tire probably because the material needed to make such a large tire strong. An aluminum light rim was made for the original nightrider, but that had lead to all kinds of problems, such as broken spokes. The Stealth 2 rim is holding up very well for me, so is the black powdercoated frame Nightrider, and not a single squeak anywhere. Lovin my 2 twin fork favorite rides.

With that being said, i dont think you could go wrong on any one of those three choices. It’s just a matter of how much you are willing to splurge. All I know is my next one will be the Triton, just because i could, and for the hell of it!:D;)

Thanks all for the feedback.

I just don’t want to have an discussion about whether or not the KH unis are high quality or not for some riders, but I’ll add the following just once:

  • I do think that the KH unis are high quality products. I know the hub issues first-hand… my kh 24 hub is already doing strange noises and one the bearings of my kh 36 broke (after that I installed the gear, which is also having some issues)… but I also broke the hub that came pre-installed on my e-sports ninbus uni (granted, that is a very low quality hub)… and I think I broke every possible piece that can be broken on a unicycle and I’m tired of having mechanical issues on almost every ride… My point is that I’m not a casual uni rider. I’m familiar with many some of the possible issues… But did I say “it’s a KH so it’s better than everything” ? Nope… Did I say it is a high quality uni ? Yep.

Let me add that quality if subjective… all the points that I mentioned on my original post can be questioned… ALL of them. What is good for me, might not be good for another rider, and vice-versa.

Anyway, I just want to focus on what uni is good for doing muni on a 36"… meta/extra discussions I prefer to have them on another thread. thanks.

This muni tire is about 200 grams lighter than the nightrider:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to.

Regarding the rim, I was using the Stealth 1 until I broke it a few weeks ago taking a not so high jump :-(… and actually, that triggered me the need to have a real muni 36"… I noticed that the Mega Muni offers you the option to bundle it with the Stealth 1 or Stealth 2… If I decide to get the Mega Muni, I’ll package it with the Stealth 2 (heavier but stronger).

And please, let us know your experience if you decide to get the Mega Muni!

You forgot one!

I have an extra 36 I will sell it has a Triton Ti frame KH seat and handle bar, stealth rim, foss tube, nite rider tire laced up with black spokes and gold spoke nipples.
If interested PM me
I just don’t use this one since getting a geared 36

An inside mounted disc brake means you’re going to have a dished wheel, which weakens the build. I thought the Qu-Ax unicycles were silly because of this design choice.