Looking for 8-splined cranks again

I’m looking for a pair of the old KH or Summit 8-splined cranks that look like the ones pictured here. I busted my right one. The ones pictured are available at UDC but they only have them in 170mm. I’ve tried them but they’re just too long for trials. I would like to get a pair of 125mm-145mm if anyone has them.

PM me if you’ve got 'em. Thanks.

Here is a link to the ones that are too long at UDC.


UDC UK have got that 140mm ones still listed on their site;
I expect the shipping would be quite expensive though, but might be worth it.

Alternatively, have you thought about finding a welder and doing a cut’n’shut job on your long cranks? They seem pretty home made to start with, so I don’t think you’re going to do an aesthetic damage to them.


I did that same thing with my quax cranks. My brother took them to the metal shop at our school, cut them up, and re welded them really good and straight. they were 170mm, now they’re 140mm i think. 140 or 145 i know. he got really dead on.

Why don’t you just upgrade to moments or something? I mean they are better anyway and less of a hassle to replace.

Thanks, semach. I just e-mailed Roger to ask about shipping for a few pairs. I don’t want to cut and weld them. It’s not cost effective and this is no emergency yet.

The 170mm pair that I got I gave to Phil_on_uni which was the right way to deal with it. Now they’re getting ridden.