Looking for 127mm Onza / Kris Holm Cranks

Hi everyone,

Know this is a rare request and probably tough to find, but I’m putting it out there.
Got a 2005 KH24 Muni with the longer 165mm cranks.
Want to convert to a Cruiser, but the bearings are smaller than 42mm so I can only hope for the shorter cranks availability.

Thanks, Dave

I had a pair but I gave them away years ago. If you don’t have any luckfinding the shorter cranks I believe that the bearings are 40mm with 100mm spacing which is the current standard for square taper hubs.

Good luck in your search.

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I’m new to unicycling so I have no knowledge about ancient stuff, but what exactly are you looking for? I might have some alternative source (bikes) where you might be able to find a solution.

  • Why is the bearing size relevant for the cranks?
    Or is it the width of the bearings that is different as well?
  • is it square tapered or isis?

Onza is a bike trial brand, so it’s very well possible that you could find matching cranks in a bike trial shop.

These are from Comas, but square tapered and 130mm:

I’m not expecting it to be the right cranks, but it might provide you with alternative solutions :wink:

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The KH/Onza cranks he is looking for are a tubular steel crank with the proprietary Onza spline design, similar to the one used by Profile. I don’t think they have been made since 2006. Once shorter cranks became popular the 127 cranks became about as easy to find as hens teeth.

The comment about bearing size was likely because @Slick was probably considering a swap for an ISIS hub. For a cruiser he is probably fine with square taper but those old hubs were super solid.


Thanks Gentlemen for your replies.
Was really wanting to upgrade this Muni to ISIS.
Being an older uni with 4.0, bearings, I thought the question I threw out would be a simple fix, though not ISIS.
At this point I’ve decided to keep the Muni as is if I ever go off road. Got a cruiser on the way, so now I have a nice 3 uni quiver to choose from. All the best. Dave

The frame has forged steel bearing holders right? That pretty much rules out an easy compatibility with 42mm bearings. I don’t actually suggest you do it but you can still put a ISIS hub in that frame if you really want. KH had a batch of specialty bearings made for this purpose. Like 127mm Onza cranks I think they are going to get harder and harder to find. https://www.unicycle.co.uk/unicycle-parts/kris-holm-40mm-isis-bearings-pair.html

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If your cranks are steel it in not hard to shorten them. That is what I did with some Profile cranks. I went from 170mm to 125mm


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