Looking for 127 qu-ax splined cranks

I am looking for used 127 qu-ax splined cranks, NO ISIS.
Mi unicycle really want them:

Thank you.

Theres some here, in stock, if you would be happy with new ones.

The Qu-Ax cranks will not fit the koxx alien unicycle unless you have already changed the hub.


Jajajajaja, i kwon, but my unicycle is an hibrid of qu-ax (tire set),koox (seat, seat post and clamp) and krish holm (frame), thats the reason because I want a qu-ax cranks.

Oye Nor en municycle.com creo que las he visto, a la version vieja no ISIS como las que buscas


Ya, en municycle las tienen pero salen bastante caras con gastos de envio, por eso busco unas de segunda mano.