Looking for 12” unicycle kids (USA)

I have a 5 year old who is itching to try unicycling. He’s stuck with a broken leg and watching his older brother (7) and me trying to learn. Im on a 20”. Brother’s on a 16”. The 5 year should be up and about by early spring. I’d love to surprise him with his own unicycle.

I thought I’d check to see if anyone has an old used one that their kids have out grown before I drop $100 on UDC for something that could become a garage decoration.

Would help to know what City/state/country you are in :slight_smile:

Good point.

I had assumed I’d be paying for shipping.

I’m in Eastern WA, USA. next to Wenatchee. I work in Astoria, OR so I can stop by anywhere in between.

One thing you might try doing is cutting a bigger unicycle down to size. My 9 year old daughter is riding a 24" muni that I cut both the seatpost and the frame down to fit her. Basically you just cut a few inches off the frame and file, grind or Dremel a new slot for the seatpost. You might find that a 16" uni is close enough after a little backyard machining.

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Dill a hole first and two careful cuts with a hack saw works great. Then file to remove any burrs. Use the old slot for a pattern.

Watch Craigslist regularly and a Torker 16” should show up in near new condition. Then haggle em down to $20.


Here is one: Unicycle 16” - $50 Tigard, here

Yes. Cutting down a 16” would be a good idea and quite simple to do. There’s quite a few for $30-$50 nearby. Im not in a bug hurry yet with the kid having a broken leg and all. I’d rather hold out for a 12.” Mostly because I think they’re cool. Thanks for the input so far.

I have one. You can have it for $30 plus shipping. You can see it on the right in the picture. I’ll include a decent seat. It’s in fine condition.

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I’m interested. Where are you located?

I’m in Virginia. 22843

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