looking at unispin

when you unispin, do you look at the uni? im learning and i find if i dip my head in and look at the uni when i spin it, i jump fowards and miss the pedals. anyone expirience this while learning?

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i look down at the pedals


I wore my sixsixone pads when I learnt. This gave me much more confidence!

Also remeber to lift ur legs as high as possible.


661s are a must have! I look down at the pedals. Does anyone have advice on whether or not the uni should leave the ground when spinning? I hop slightly, but then I can only do 180s… So I’m not sure if a 360 would be easier if the tyre stayed down. And do you have to let go off your seat on 360s at any point?

Sorry I cut my last post short… the fire bell went at school!

Back to unispining,

I learnt by doing a 90 unispin (onto the wheel) until I could do that easily, and back to the pedals.

Next I learnt to suicide mount, and then do a 180 suicide mount.

I then put it all together, and did a unispin. It took a few attempts, but worked well!

Pic below of me doing a unispin (taken from a vid). It looks like it would be easier to do a 360 if the uni was closer to the ground. I dont know if it actually does or not… Im not that good (yet!:stuck_out_tongue: )