Looking at a new unicycle in adelaide today

Hey peoples im getting a new trials or street unicycle for my bday in april and today i not going to skool (w00t) and im going down to adelaide, Norwood to TRAK CYCLES. I gonna take a few pics of the unis today and post them and see what you guys think of them. ill be bak later in the after noon (maybe about 6-7 hrs). Hope i can find a good one ;]

I realise that unicycling is a great hobby, but please don’t skip school for it. If you go to school they can teach you things like spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation. All of those things will get you further than a new trials uni.


umm 1 day of skool out of about 1300 days (aprox 100 days a year)

Also, i’d just buy from UDC…
I dont know of anywhere in Aus that stocks decent uni’s oof the shelf… mind you, i havent actually taken much time to look.

I Got It!

:roll_eyes: Well i finally got it, well not got it but its on lay-by. I found it today at “Glenelg Cycles” in Adelaide, Glenelg (suburb). It is a $200.00 unicycle, its chrome, its got a nice slim seat, 20x2.50 tyre, 127mm or 135mm cranks, plastic pedals and is strongly built. I didn’t think i would find a unicycle like this in a shop but i did!:smiley: 3 of my frends at my circus school in Adelaide, Bowden (suburb) have this unicycle but they got theres for christmas and bdays so they didn’t know where to get them but i found them anyway. The guy in the shop called it a “heavy duty” unicycle.

This is a very similar unicycle that i lay-by’d today

Looks like the once posted a few days ago by… i’ve forgotten who…

Looks like a CycleDesign uni. I saw one yesterday in town for $219. You’ll probably wanna get a new seat though.
Looks the same as the one this guy is selling. I was gonna buy it but its bent. Does have a few extras though.
They only have the square-tapered hub so don’t go doing big drops or anything.

yeah but for an extra $140 he could get one that won’t break when he gets bigger either. Just depends funds I suppose.

I think it is a great subject at school. I teach at two schools and since my lunchtimes are taken up at already, the second school decided to take children out of their normal classes to learn unicycling. I wish I could have chosen to do unicycling as a school class when I was at primary school. I think learning to ride a unicycle is equally as important as learning some of those other things- even though it is a cool hobby I think it is also cool in school. I’m looking forwards to being involved in another school soon too, maybe a high school.

My second unicycle was a Cycle design unicycle. The fatal flaw in the Cycle’s design was the soft steel axle which snapped.

Sorry if my reply seemed sarcastic yesterday, but thanks for taking the time to make this post much more readable than your first one. It’s a lot better all round.

Now… all we’ve got to do is get the K out of the Clown and we’re almost there :slight_smile:


Lol i like spelling it like that, when im on computers or on a phone generally ppl usually type stuff short no that klown is short for clown but ppl dont ususally spell correctly. anway i dont know what STM means lol.

everyone i mite be getting my unicycle this week but cant ride it until april 13 :frowning: (my bday…)

1) It’s the user name STM = Semach.The.Monkey. :smiley:
2) Hope you ride it well too also. :smiley: