looking 29' unicycle :]

Im looking for a 29’ unicycle in very good condition that I can commute to school with.
Handle bars and breaks would be a plus.
Price would be under 400 but even 350+ would be pushing it a bit.
Show me what you got :]

I recommend something significantly shorter.

(. . . sorry, couldn"t resist. :p)

You might try posting something on the Harvey Mudd college campus bulletin boards, lots of uni riders there.

For commuting and general street travel the UDC Trainer 29 seems like a good start at $128. You may want to call and see if you can swap out the saddle for something like the Nimbus Gel, but even if you have to pay full price for the saddle it’s not a bad deal. Then order a Pi-Bar from Coker, and put a bmx caliper brake on it and you’re set. All said and done you should be around $250 with shipping. If you use the standard 160mm cranks you probably won’t need brakes.