Lookin for the right stuff. Help me out

So I’m countin’ on this bein the right thread, but I’m lookin foward to being ripped a new a…hole if it’s not.

I’m about a level four, and I’m startin to take this unicyclin stuff pretty seriously, and my shins are startin to show it. I was at the bike shop today and saw the Roach (strap on, not the DH) leg armor, and from what I gather it looks like some pretty good shizzlizznit-izzynizzle. I’m also plannin on pickin up some white BMX pedals. Metal, whoo(faces)oo(hands)oo. I have no idea what they’re called, but I don’t think that’ll be too important. I’m also gonna get a white wall tire, so that thing’ll look pretty hot. I already looked into the tire, and I know I’m gettin somethin good.

So here’s my problem, I’ve got a Savage piece’o’shlat “unicycle” if you wanna call it that. Curved frame, quick release clamp, no handle, 20" wheel, seatpost about an inch or so too short… about as crappy as they come. I’m not seeing myself buyin a new uni in the near future, but from what I’ve been lookin at it looks like the 24" Torker LX is what I wanna get. I don’t want a Muni by the way. Does anyone have any recomendations?

So first - am I gettin the right stuff (Roach leg armor, BMX pedals), or am I wasting my money?
And second - would you get the new uni/get a taller seat post for the one I have?

if your not huge into trials then you don’t need any leg armour or pinned pedals

Id get a freestyle :slight_smile:

I’d beg to differ, almost everybody on a unicycle can benefit from pinned pedals, though leg armor isnt as critical as if your do trials, it’s not a bad idea since slips do happen especailly when learning, though i’ve been doing pretty good since i stopped trying more new stuff. so, yes for the BMX pedals, the guards are an option for you.

I would definitely look into getting a torker lx or something. Riding a crap unicycle is annoying at the best of times, and riding something that wont’ fall apart and doesn’t hold you back is way more enjoyable. That said, some of the best riders learned quite a lot on crap, so maybe it’s all in your head :thinking: