lookin for a cheep used 24"

doesnt have to be pretty, just rideable. im planin on lightin it on fire then riding it down the street (yes this will be on viedo) so i dont need a great one


i would sugjest a 16" wheel so the fire is farther from your crotch and main part of the thighs, i sugjest useing rubbing alcahol, it burns really cold and if you put it in the microwave for about 40 sec. it heats up just enough to light easy and not burn to fast.

good luck, i did this on a bike and on a scooter, hope you dont get burned to bad, if so send us pics.

Use a giraffe.

a girrafe? pussy]

total uni good idea but if i get a 16 in wheele ill have no use for it after i put it out so im now looking for a supper cheep 16" or a not that supper cheep but still cheep 24", or mabe i could use my 20" lx but the pant will burn and ruin it.

i dunno how well dose paint burn on an lx or a tx ?

Dude, just buy a crap tire from walmart for 10 bucks. The rim/spokes etc arent going to be hurt by a little fire…

… pffft …

Uni-on-fire …? … I’d rather see , explode-a-uni :smiley:

i know but i need the whole uni… anyone know weather the paint on a torker will burn off?

chyeah man, tie some Roman Candles to the spokes and ride away! :smiley:


The Burn-o-Uni :smiley:

Explode a uni, huh?.. Well I have blown up quite a bit of stuff, and if I ever have to sacrifice a uni I will be sure to tape it or at least take pictures… Speaking of which, it is about time I posted the video of me riding (or at least trying to go more then 20 feet) while in a bomb suit… You know, the big green pillow suit you see us bomb squad guys in… Boy was that fun…


I dont know if it will or not…you could light a fire under a small part of the uni were it doesnt matter(the seat post,maybe)and see what happens.
also,you can tape aluminium foil real tight all around the frame,itll reflect the heat and protect it for a while.Maybe even get it wet right before you set it on fire(the frame,not the tire).

Video of flaming puck hockey that includes flaming unicycle riding at the end of the clip. From NAUCC 2003 in Minneapolis. The guy on the flaming unicycle is Puerto Rico’s Jacinto I believe.



If you use an UW or a bc wheel, you don’t have to worry about the paint.:smiley:

Yeah, then you only have the problem of you uhhh…

BC wheels and ultimates rub your inner leg. Not something good to happen when the tire is flaming.

I have 24" wheel with a fireball tire I don’t use, but I don’t really want to sell it just to see it blown up. Also, I don’t know how the fireball’s sidewalls would handle flame… Kinda ironic, though.

Oh ya, I forgot about that… thats what metal shinguards with ice packs inside are for :roll_eyes:

i have a 24" steel rimmed, cottered cranked wheel with a new Kenda tyre off a Torker DX just sitting in my garage doing nothing. it was my ultimate wheel but i have a new one now. the problem is shipping it would be a fair sum since its all steel and such…if you find a frame, i got the wheel.