Lookig for good tire for 20" Luxus

Hi I have a 20" Qu-Ax Luxus, and a 27.5 Muni.
I’m riding quite well, but yet to learn idling and jumping or any other tricks.
Next, I would like to learn bunny hops and jumping.
But I have a feeling the standard tire that came with the 20" Luxus is not very good for that.
I’m looking to replace it with something a bit fatter, one that can hold more air and be more bouncy.

Can anyone tell me what size of tire I need? can I buy it in a normal bike shop? and what pressure should I use?


I use a Maxxis Hookworm 20 x 1.95

I don’t like them on bigger wheels but works well on a 20.

Thanks OneTrackMind,
that’s the same size I have now (the standard).
won’t I be better off with a wider more bouncy one? for practicing bunny hops?

The Luxus is not designed for jumping / tricks.
The rim and cranks will not stand up to abuse.

Unless you’re a lightweight kid.

But as you’re also riding a 27.5" I don’t think this is the case.

Yes. Luxus is an OK wheel for freestyle but not heavy duty.

I have the Hookworm on my Qu-Ax Profi wheel (double wall rim, 48 spokes, ISiS hub).