Look who's enjoying my Coker.

Last weekend I rode my Coker to a friends house and I had a hard time getting him off of it. He’s always telling me how much he hates the feel of a Coker. He rode it like it was his 20" free style uni. It was amazing seeing him wheel waking on my Coker. I managed to snap a few photos of him in action. Many of you will recongize him even though he is trying to cover his face. I think he still hates Cokers and is still planning on building a Super 29er.


Now I’ve seen everything. That’s a Kodak moment for sure. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.


Awsome! I had a really quick try at wheel walking someone’s Coker so I can really appreciate how difficult it is. Nice work Jagur! One foot riding Cokers is great. It’s almost hard to fall off because of the added momentum. I’m definately going to get myself a Coker some day.


nawh,get a 29er

just look in the background for inspiration…

(Edit)what do you mean,Edit?

he are the rest from the Coker WW debacle,i never really got that far.maybe 4 kicks at best…

Well, naturally I’ll also get myself a 29’er. :slight_smile:

Thats awesome !!!
try one footing it feels great.

Yea, i’ve had the guys in the lab working for hours now trying to blow up and enhance that image of the “top secret” wheel!


just in the last hour ive discovered a big problem and that wheel back there may have to be totaly disasimbled :frowning:

long story,more later