Look what Minnesota's getting!!!

I live in St. Cloud which is about 1 hour north of Minneapolis…home of the TCUC.org. They just broke ground on this project, and it should be done by next summer from what I’ve been hearing. If you have a chance, check out the YouTube video that is on the site…it’s very interesting! Congrats Austin Lee!


that is preetty cool
i wish they would do something like that here

i am jealous and i can’t do all that much in a skate park

I can’t yet either, but by next summer I should actually be able to use the park/plaza.

I actually met Austin today(kid responsible for the new skatepark), and I got a super huge thanks for all the viewed response that they got from putting this link up here.

So I’ll bump it again!:smiley:

They are still raising funds for this. I know there are plenty of Minnesotans on here that might be able to help, or ask thier parents to kick in some cash for this awesome establishment.

If you can contribute in any way at all, there is a donation button on thier site. Right now there is a sponsorship that matches every donation 1 to 1…so every little bit helps.

I always thought an outdoor skatepark as opposed to an indoor one would be more fun for unicyclists.

wow im goin to minnesota when they build that…

there’s talk of building a skate plaza in the area, but I doubt it will be as cool as this one. you lucky minnesotoans.

It’s plan is to be built right next to Dowtnown St. Cloud. Next to Lake george where they just revamped the playground/splashpad area. This should be a great location. The plan is to break ground in spring, and have it done by the end of summer/fall of 2008.

No bowl? What skatepark has no bowl.

i miss Denver park.

that park looks fun for uni.
it kinda has weird flow for anything else though haha…

but i see alot of possibilities

We already have a good amount of indoor/outdoor skateparks around with ramps/bowls that aren’t that swell for unicycling. This Skate “Plaza” is going to rock for uni/bike trials…

Can’t wait…

I am personally going to donate $1000 to this by the end of this year, and I would suspect that the tattoo shop that I work at will be putting up a good amount of cash for it as well.