Look what just appeared on the Yahoo front page

Here’s the link: http://dir.yahoo.com/thespark/376/single-wheeled-superstars

I just noticed that too. Made me very happy.

Isnt that Ken Looi??

Yes, it’s him in the Alps.

it says we have simple frames with shocks???

Actually I think it’s Nathan and Beau Hoover.

Yes, we have shocks, but those are usually on the faces of the people we pass…

that was a good one :slight_smile:

Yup, although I think the photo might be by Ken.

Yep, them’s my photos :sunglasses:

It made all that stalking of Nathan and Beau worthwhile.

In addition to being one the best unicycle photos of all time and father/son photos of all time, it’s also unique for another reason: it may be the last photo of Nathan and Beau where Beau isn’t in front. :slight_smile:

I have had that picture for my desktop for months now, its my favorite one ever!

eh? But Beau is in front!

I hope I can retrieve the twin photo (which I actually like better), as I took a whole sequence of shots as they went past. Hopefully it’s still on Bronsons computer somewhere.

Bad eyes…that’s what happens when you get old. You start relying on your kid to ride in front and identify any obstacles in the road. Just ask Nathan… :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit of publicity can’t hurt!!!
In the comments below some people said they wanted to try it, but like most people who say that i doubt they will.

It says: “Though you may not see extreme unicycling televised this summer…”, but isn’t that what was happening? I thought there was some show called Champions blah blah somethingorother that was showcasing extreme unicycling?


How did Yahoo get ahold of you and your photo?

Yoopers, thanks for posting that! And for the screenshot too. I never would have found it on Yahoo myself.

The yahoo guys worked with us to get permission to use the photos etc over the last few weeks. I think it’s so cool that they put so much time into the project and the links they provide take the viewer off to quite a few interesting sites. And from the comments there, many people are actually seeing this.

Ken, here is your “sister photo”, reduced in size. The original is here: http://www.nhoover.com/pics/ken.gs.jpg


Uni 2005-08-09 1717 AUT - KL - Day 09 - 36-0958 small.jpg

And here’s a crop of it.

Uni 2005-08-09 1717 AUT - KL - Day 09 - 36-0958 small crop.jpg

the mountains are so pretty! Are you guys riding on cokers in the picture?