Look what I can do!

I have been working on the side idle for a few weeks now–left foot on
left pedal, right foot on left end of axle, seat resting against right hip.

I can go into a side idle from standing on the floor on about 75% of
attempts and idle for at least 15 seconds. In the last few sessions I have
been trying to end by swinging my right leg over the saddle and idling two
footed or riding away.

Today I did this for the first time, and on the next two attempts. 5 times
total for today's practice session. I wanted to share my feeling of
accomplishment with all unicyclists here, especially those still climbing
the learning curve. Few things I have experienced yet give me as much
satisfaction as learning a new skill on the unicycle. It takes work, but the
rewards are well worth the effort.

For all the other struggling novices, let me say this: don't focus on
where you are now, but where you want to be. It isn't as far away as you
may think.

Dennis Kathrens