look out for "Stealth" Torkers big brother

DudleyDoRide and i go walking in to the shop today and low and behold its a steroid pumped “Stealth” Torker Unistar!!!RUN …look out!

P.S. its a 24" wheel and it was $100 even. :slight_smile:

Re: look out for “Stealth” Torkers big brother

I saw that bad boy at Harvies last week, I would have bought it on the spot but that would have made my 48 spoke Miyata jealous.:wink:

The plain ol’ boring chrome Torkers are now sporting the Unistar sticker on the front of the seatpost tube.

See? They were already jealous!

Know where I could find one on the net? I didn’t see it on unicycle.com or the Torker site. I want one!

48 spoke?

does the new 24" have the same 48 spoke hub?

Didn’t you post previously that there are two LBS in Paradise that carry Torkers? Probably easiest to have them order one from their distributer.

Good Luck!

Re: 48 spoke?

i didnt look,i was distracted by it being there at all.i’ll look the next time i go in.

I just checked out one of them yesterday. They said that they could get it but it would cost $120. The cost of the 20 inch stealth started at $90 but quickly came down to under $70, so I think I’m going to wait and see about the price falling.


The 48 spoke version is still $90, while the standard chrome torker is $69, but out of stock currently. The 48-spoke “stealth” is pretty cool. I may be biased since I bought one.

Re: 48 spoke?

Yes,it does.i just got back from the shop.i was buying 36 14/15/14 black DT Swiss 246mm spokes and i looked over at the BIG brother Stealth Torker,48 it is!

So is it exactly the same as the 20", only 24", or are there differences other than in size?


yep,exactly the same they are…even the tyre tread.

Re: Re: 48 spoke?

4 cross DX32 or doublewide?

i ordered an Alex.the doublewide still beckons me though.