Look out Brad Pitt here comes DaUniGuy!

I was approached when riding on the trail a few months back to be in an amateur short film for the Fringe festival in Kansas City. It was a lot of fun to do. I was never involved in anything like this before. Well here it is.

Thanks for sharing the video! Shooting sparks out of your fingerless gloves…I cannot find that in the skill level description. How do you do that?

That was very nice! :slight_smile:

You lit her up with your magic! Something I like to think we actually do sometimes.

In the sequel, grandma will learn to ride. :sunglasses:

lol, that’s what I was waiting for :slight_smile:

He’s a magic man yea yea (Sun to the song by heart) :roll_eyes:

Well I usually manage to conjer up a smile on most the people I run across when I ride. I did not write the script but I put forth your Idea to the writer of the script, the gal who played Grandma. I don’t think she was to keen on the idea for a sequal. :frowning: To bad.

Cool! :slight_smile: