Look! Look!


has a new look! no more pre made templates this was made by treepotato for treepotato.com none of the content is done yet as you can tell theres no content on some pages and the guestbook and photo album aren’t up but you can see the basic ‘look’ of the site

let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Very nice TreePotato!

I like your site layout. Rather original if you ask me!

Can wait til its finished! :slight_smile:

My site needs updating, but I need to get a copy of FrontPage…


Vewy purty!

Thankyou Joe :wink:

i used dreamweaver and photoshop they are good

only thing you have put on idling also known as hovering or gliding and glidings a completly different thing.

but very good otherwise

ooops that was stupid of me cheers i’ll change it

Nice site btw. I have never been bothered to make my own to be honest and I don’t actually know how to. How’s muni going tree?

o i am on msn right now if u wana chat?

Very impressive

notepad or pico,
i.c.w. my own brain:

this example has only 1 jpg, 1 gif, way less code, NO tables, and NO frames or iframes
(but still needs a small fix for Opera).

hmmmmm… i liked it! just one suggestion, tho. on yer tips page, include the suggestion of using a corner in yer “wall on, wall off” technique(it makes it easier if you don’t actually have to turn to get back to a wall)

Cool potatoes, but no trees :frowning:

nice of you to ask ben but not too good unfortunatly havn’t really got anywhere to practice… need another Haldon forest ride!

the trees will come do not give up hope!