Look! It's a bicycle!

Is there a list of responses to use when folks say, “Look! It’s a
bicycle!”? I usually just politely tell them that a bicycle does in fact
have two wheels and I am only riding on one wheel…

What I really hate is “unibicycle”.

My favourite story was this: I was riding along Locarno Beach (not the
beach itself, a path that goes beside it, anyway,) this old lady (maybe
about 60 or 70?) was walking her grandson, maybe about 1 1/2, 2 years old
at the most. So she goes, “Look, Tyler, at the funny bicycle!” I said,
“Ma’am, actually, it’s not a bicycle, a bicycle has TWO wheels, this is a
UNICYCLE.” She tells me in a very annoyed tone, “He’s only a baby, he
doesn’t know the difference!”

Then Tyler yells in about the loudest voice a 2-year-old can yell,
“I DO SO!!!”

We were able to keep a straight face until she had left and later tore
ourselves in two with laughter… Graham W. Boyes