Look, is it a bird? No, it's Maxence!

Hello there!

I’m Maxence from France and I ride a unicycle since I’m 6. Well, that was 18 years ago! So my unicycling practice is now adult! :partying_face:

I have mainly ridden as a freestyler in a circus school until I turned 19 and went to my first convention. It was so great and I discovered so many different disciplines I had fallen in love with unicycling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As of now, I mainly ride onroad and offroad. I have also started to commute everyday on my unicycle for 5 years. First on a 19" - it was very slow, but funny -, then on a 27"5, later on a 36" and now on a G36. Also, I casually play unicycle basketball with the five-time world champion club WOOM. They are very good, I am not :upside_down_face:
I should say I train a lot to be part of the best road unicyclists in the world. My ideal goal would be to beat my french mates @toutestbon and Martin Charrier on a 10k or a marathon. There is still a long way to go! But guys if you want to be good you have to set some high goals and try to reach them! :smiley:

Regarding my involvement in the unicycling world, I am part of the French Unicycling Commission since 2018 and I am the webmaster of the UNICON 20 website - hope to see you all in Grenoble in 2021!

And here is a 2.5 years old picture of me flying over a bump:

And I love clipless pedals. It’s far less dangerous than what you think. :wink:


Hi Maxence. If you beat Martin Charrier, then you will be one of the very best. I saw him win the uphill race in Montreal at Unicon 17. He is a machine.

Thanks for being involved with Unicon. Those events are so much fun. The web site looks good. I hope things are safe enough by next summer that we can have a relatively normal gathering.

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Does that class as an UPD!

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That’s why I want to beat him :wink:
During our last French Unicycling Cup @toutestbon showed us it was possible to be faster than Martin. We just need some training - a lot of training in fact. So let’s train! :muscle:

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But isn’t flying cheating? :rocket:


No, that’s a new discipline: uniflying :upside_down_face:

Nice to see you fly here!

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peter pan is on the web :grin:
you can fly!


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