Look here Seattle Riders!

Come to the Blackberry Festival today in downtown Bremerton! I’ll be there and it’s a great festival! Come check it out, you Seattlers! I’ll be looking for you John, Greg, Tom, and Steve!

my mom lives there!

i wanna come!

Ummmm, a little too short of a notice.


Sorry, I was off-line all weekend and was riding Mt. Galbraith in Bellingham with JC on Saturday.

Good chance I may be there

Hey well I’m proabably going to be at the blackberry festival my girlfriend and I love to pick berrys. Her living in Potlatch is another reason to cross from seattle to the west side of the sound. Labor day right? Do you know if they have a web page for the festival?

this thread is 2 years old

But still strangely relevant.

Went for a ride with UniBrier in Bellingham on Galbraith Mt. last Saturday, just like two years ago.