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Hi, I have a seatpost on my kh24 with the break lever attachment part and it stops me from lowering it any further into the frame which is a problem because It is a little bit too big for me(the break lever thing is build into it so I cant take it off). I was wondering if any of you have seen a seat post with the bolt holes and U shaped top in bike shops that do not carry unicycles. I was just wondering if this type of seatpost is also used for other seats like bike seats or something. I just got my kh24 Muni and since the post is too long I can hardly ride it right now. I would hate to have to wait another week for a different seatpost from bedford unicycles, because school is starting again soon and I won’t have as much time to ride my unicycle (’:(’)

it would take time but you could cut it off close to the seat post and file away the rest of the welded area.

shine a light down the brake tube, there isnt a hole at the bottom so it is possible to get rid of it.

A more expensive, but perhaps more comfortable option would be a rail adapter and 27.2mm bicycle seat post. Or you could buy a thinner post and shim.

It may be worth seeing if any Onza muni owners want a post with brake mount and you could trade, as they’re the same size. Some may have also bought the new seat post with mount and have the old one for sale.

Or finally just ask unicycle.comif they have any spares, maybe a post of a faulty KH20? You may be able to get this within a week.

I had the same problem, when I took it to U-Turn to have the spokes tuned (they were playing a tune that I didn’t like and it was sour anyway) he cut off some of the seat tube (frame) and lengthened the slot (important!) to match so I could lower the seat more. Of course he had to cut some more off of the seat post to match. Now I have plenty of adjustment range, even when I start hopping.

When you do this, make sure that you lengthen the slot - otherwise it will be impossible to tighten the seat clamp - and start that by drilling a hole where the end will be - otherwise the frame could start cracking - make sure that the bottom of the slot does NOT have any corners. If there are sharp inside corners the stress will be concentrated there and cracks will develop.

I wouldn’t cut off the brake tube as you may want to add a brake (I did:D and it’s great!) and it will be very difficult to get the surface even enough for the clamp.

Like mother always says…“You’ll grow into it.”

This seatpost would solve your problem , but it’s out of stock :frowning:

You can buy a normal bike seat post but made from the steel or cro-mo or just try to find tube like this and weld to it the plate to mount the kh seat. every weldman should do this special part for you. the problem is only with finding the tube 27.2 mm the plate is very easy to do.

I found the weldman that did for me seat post extention from old bike seat and the stering for 7$ :slight_smile:

you can see the gallery on my page.


put shorter cranks on your uni