Look at this on ebay <eek!>

Ages ago I posted about a friend’s awful 16 inch uni. I’ve now found a very similar (identical?) one for sale on ebay. Just look at this heap!

Bearings welded into flat steel forks. Seat height adjustable with two pairs of nuts and bolts passing through holes in the flat section seat post … Rock hard plastic seat with no padding at all. <shudder>

And read the awful description…


Wow, you’re right Mike, that is pretty bad… “awaits a new clown” kind of left me speechless!


Looks like a great investment to me…the nice comfy seat alone is worth double the ask price. :sunglasses:

BTW: Hi Erin. Welcome back. Your Seattle Pals (say it fast…saddle pals) have missed you. Hope you had a great Vay-Cay. TB

that’s a saddle? I thought someone attached a pick axe to the frame of that uni.

But it’s by Bracycle! A well-known and respected name in high-end unicycle parts. Just look at that seat, those pedals; if I were in the U.K. right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to miss my opportunity to place a bid!

Geez. That looks like something even Fred Flintstone would throw away.


:smiley: Ha, ha, ha, … I really liked that comment Carol, made me laugh for ages…


Hi Tom, and thanks for your welcome back. I have been slow to jump into conversation with my pals on this board as I immediately started a new job right after returning from holiday so things have been a bit hectic! :astonished: