look at this kids video on youtube!!!!

Poor kid, its not his falt he’s retarded, that pics just malicious :roll_eyes:

  1. If they’re in a forum for another country, they should know how to make their sentences readable before posting.
  2. If they have to type like they do while text messages, they could at least make it so we understand them.

He wants us to see something…but he’s telling us to find it for ourselves. Not a great idea if he actually wants feedback.

some of the hottest scooter riding that I have seen

1:42 may be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

dude…“Unisykolist”…lighten up…

or brighten up you could say, I’m just saying that you probably didn’t need to say 2 THREADS IN 4 MINUTES! WHOA!

In case you didn’t notice, I was merely paraphrasing what he said to show how ridiculous it all was, and silently ask in my own little way “Who cares?” because we get this all the time.

Also, thanks to kington for my new computer background.