look at this kids video on youtube!!!!

i was watching uni videos on youtube when i came across this comment and i quote “unicycling…a sport. god what is our world coming too” watch this kids video its called 732 scooters then tell me wut you of this kid and if he can talk trash about uni. :angry:

“two threads…in 4 minutes. god what is our world coming too”

Just ignore it, people don’t like what they don’t understand, and lash out at it.

And a link would help if you wanted us to look at something…

uhhh… he didn’t say anything about unicycling…

It’s funny though. They are all at my level of scootering lol.

wut he said was on a diff video he said “unicycling…a sport. god what is our world coming too” but he rides a scooter wut i saying is how can he trash uni when he rides scooters.

I don’t see a problem, the poor guy didn’t know unicycling existed. He just lacks an education.

Dude…it’s spelled WHAT

Your posts make you sound like an uneducated moron.

I bet the scooter dude knows how to write and spell!

i know how to spell what i spell it wut when i post so piss off.

well you would have to being a war lord and everything, I would imagine it is in the induction test.

But i would also recomend working on keeping a cool head. If you go making decisions based on anger your war campaign will soon be over sir.

also maybe an english lesson or two, i am sure it is tax deductable for someone in your position.

What? Er, I mean, wut?

How about you give us a link so we know what you’re talking about :wink:

Another tip of advice, telling people to piss off on the internet won’t get you anywhere.


Am I reading this thread wrong, or is there still no link to an actual video?

Dude, get over it. Sometimes new people go through this and stuff and even if they do it isnt bad at all, you must just be overacting or sensitive. I posted 7 threads in 24 hours when I first joined which was pretty crazy.

But just 2, get over it! He simply had 2 topics to post, whats the point in waiting for a week then posting another one???

LOL, we’ll just have to adjust to the new guy! (I was pretty terrible at first in general when I had “Uni Tricks”.

No link, but use commen sense:)

Obviously, you’d think it would be on youtube so go to that first.

He said

So then you would type in that and click on the one called 732 scooters.
It doesnt take much effort but yea, a link would be helpful.

Common sense would say read what he (warlord) said. He said the comment was in a uni video he was watching and that the guy who made the comment has a video called 732 scooters. Why give him more views if we don’t get to see evidence of his transgressions?

Spelling is it an Issue?

There are tons of posts in these forums ragging on people’s spelling and grammar and so on. Seems pretty pointless to me for a few reasons:

  1. People from all over the world participate in these forums and not just from English speaking countries. I would like to see how far most people get trying to write a post in Urdu, Swahili, Hebrew or even some of the more comon European languages!

  2. Many kids now a days use the SMS spelling. It sure does save time when trying to write on a little phone keypad without a QWERTY board! I think that it is innovative and just think where we would be today if English did not proggress from the time of Shakespear!


… :d


'Nuff said.


hahaha yea! that one is great :smiley: