LOOK!!!! a box!!

what pedals came with it?

Try All red label pedals. They didn’t have any black ones in stock, but the red is still pretty fly. I also have orange pedal protectors on them

it also has somthing to do with spoke quality

lol, im so anxious to get my koxx unicycle!

You’ve got that a bit wrong.

I’ve read here by very knowledgable people (I think one of them was Kris) that the 07 KH rim is sinificantly stronger than the two you mentioned, and another said it’s even slightly stronger than the Koxx drilled rim, but the undrilled is THE strongest. So that would be the obvious choice if you don’t mind another 100 grams or so. (miniscule amount of weight but tricks like flips might be noticably more difficult, w/ that weight on the outsidish of the wheel)

Didn’t Shaun destroy two KH07 rims? Now he rides DX32… which I assume is because it’s stronger.

this is why:

Im so upset, my unicycle might not be here tomorrow! I recieved an e-mail from Will saying i will ship it out today, but i forgot to check the date on it! Im so mad i really need to unicycle ive been stuck in the house like 4 days! I NEED TO RIDE!!! :angry:

Why has no one made this joke yet?? :thinking:

That’s a beaut, man. Love the seat.

$10 more and you could have gotten a KH with aluminum frame and stronger cranks from speedgoat bicycles. not to mention you’d save about $75 ordering from cullen at AE bikes.

oh, well it may not be $100 cheaper, but i still love it, and it fits my needs perfectly, plus looks great!

The hate for Koxx One Unicycles all started with the shipment faults, people for unicycles with something wrong with them. From there on people started saying they’re crap quality yet some of the best riders in the world ride for them. (Xav Collos etc.) These unicycles are very good quality and look great to. A rider will spend an amount of money on a unicycle that suits them and there needs. There is no need to bother this man with the bad decision he made. It’s not a bad decision, he made it because he wanted that specific unicycle. =)

Cheers! KyleM.

Says the person waiting for a koxx :wink:

I am waiting for a Koxx unicycle, i have nothing against them, i think they are great unicycles. I dont re-call me saying anything about me hating these unicycles in my last post. Please correct me if im wrong.

Koxx unicycles are great looking and made with good quality!

Oh sorry, where i said he made a bad deicsion, thats a typo, supposed to be “dont bother the man with his decision.” Not saying it was a bad one at all. I think it was a great one!