LOOK!!!! a box!!

hey whats this?

its orange and has one wheel!!!

This is my new street uni. Its a Koxx devil With undrilled rim, Street cranks and Orangebud Saddle.

THis uni rides great, i feel so in control with it and it looks nice too!:smiley:


That’s probably one of the prettiest sights and eye could see! I havn’t rode a koxx, I want too! (hehe)

you should give it a try, its great!!!

Its a crest that says Koxx One, Designed By and for Unicyclists

Yay your got your Street uni! mine will be here on wednesday, will post pics, how does yours ride man, easy to do flips on (crankflips) .

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That’s what she said, although she didnt use the best grammer.

Sorry, those jokes are my new faze. I even say it when my friends say, “hi what’s up”.

sick uni, i would’ve drilled it though, why didnt you?

i concur. i havn’t heard of anyone bending the undrilled, several drilled have been bent.

i was gonna get orange color no matter what, and weight doesn’t matter all that much to me so i went with undrilled

so how much does it weigh overall?

wait if thats a devil then how come u got an orange bud sticker on it?

sweet dude, i never knew they came in a… box

Tom Renegade asked if i wanted the devil orangebud and i said yes

How else would you get it?? :thinking:

i typoed in there and cant edit, Tom asked if i wanted Orange Bud stickers instead of devil

well to follow up.

i have about 5 hours riding time in on it now, and it is great. I was riding a 24" nimbus before, so this is a major improvement. I can land unispins almost every time now, and can do a few flatland things. The street cranks are great, they’re big and don’t destroy ankles that badly.

All in all this uni is great, i don’t care what people say about Koxx being shitty and screwing people with their ISIS failure (who would want other cranks on this uni anyways? the street cranks are prefect). Im deffnatly sold on Koxx unis now, they are cheaper then a KH and dman near perfect!

So what was the total cost of your devil/orange bud? I just ordered from renegade and asked for 125 cranks and if he had them in stock a red drilled rim. my total cost was like $425

oh, and how come your new uni did not come with pedals?

the total cost with the upgrades i made and shipping was 465.

it came with pedals, i just hadn’t found a wrench to put them on when i took the pics:p