Longneck trials frames

I was watching “Defect” and saw Z. Baldwins unicycle frame. It had a really long neck, as if it was a freestyle frame, because the bolt was really high.
I’m a tall guy, and my K1 Devil seatpost length didn’t satisfy my trialy needs, so I switched to a KH seatpost. Everything was going great, SIF was much easier. Actually i just started riding SIF and rode about 50 meters!
Anyway, i was all fired up, but then i saw the “do not rise seatpost over this line” line. That’s when I wished my frame had a longer neck.
So does anyone know of longneck trials- street frames?

They arnt sold. Only freestyle frames come in long neck, and they wont fit a trials tire. That frame that you saw was a custom TI frame. I believe it had an extra long seattube welded to it.

Damn, i really wanted one of those :angry:

You could custom make it. Just get a long piece of tubing, make sure its the right diameter, correct lenght, etc. and weld it on. I wouldnt reccomend that if you arnt very skilled in welding, stuff like that. Just too much could go wrong and you might mess up. Someone else on here with a little more knowledge will be able to give you more info on modifying your frame with a longer seat tube.

Better than potentially messing up your frame, have someone make you an extra long, aluminum seat post. Or see if there are any on the market long enough for you. I just said aluminum for weight; if you can’t find that you can go with steel.

Actualy, you could buy one of these. They are pretty cheap, and they come in up to 700mm long :astonished:

Sorry, nevermind, K1 is 27.2 and these only go up to 25.4. You could get a seatpost shim though.

Aren’t they? hmmm I think you should ask Beth about her unicycle or Trev and Jason who will get theirs this week.

High top using the long neck Nimbus II frame works great. :slight_smile:


Get a custom made seatpost or look for super long ones. If you really need your seat that high then that’s the best way to go without custom ordering a new unicycle itself.

I had this “great” idea to make a seat post that slides over the neck and clamps at the bottom. But I havn’t done it yet. But yeah then there is no stupid seat clamp in the way.

That would be pretty neat and so would a long neck trials frame