Longneck frame

Hi everybody,

(again a long-short post but I give it a try)

I am looking for a longneck frame for my trial uni. I’d rather go the safe way before starting to break parts (even though I am not skilled enough yet).

So if you have one and do not use it (or worse, are planning to cut it short), send me a PM and we can work something out (I can offer $$, parts and/or a short-neck Koxx frame).

Thanks =)

To bad you missed the UDC sale for impact frames…

Yes I know, it was even frustrating that the frame were still in the “on sale” section but with the regular price :confused:
Not the first sale I miss… (maybe next time).

That is why I started this topic too, maybe I will be luckier with fellow riders :smiley:

If you would be happy with steel instead of aluminum you can get super cheap longneck nimbus or koxx frames at UDC UK. Unfortunately the shipping is from Europe but when I ordered from them I was surprised at how low it actually was.