longneck frame, 32 hole hub, sticky lite tire

I’m thinking about rebuilding my trials unicycle, and I was thinking of :
-a lighter wheelset, which would consist of
-a 32 hole hub with 32 hole single wall trials rim
-monty eagle claw or tryall stiky lite tire
-light pedals
-and a longneck frame.

So I just wanted to see if anybody would have any parts for sale, because I don’t want to spend too much money! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for 32 hole hub, tryall sticky lite or monty eagle claw, light pedals, and longneck frame!

i know you didnt list cranks as one of the things you want, but if you have moments ill trade you my k1 lights for them. that could lighten your wheel up :slight_smile:

I’ve still got the Monty Eagle Claw if you’re still wanting it, and would you be interested in a (semi) long neck Alien Backflip frame?:slight_smile: