longkneck vs short

I am 6’2 and I would like to now what one i need.

how do you like to ride?

short seat or tall seat?

what do you need? a neck for what?

All else being equal I would go long. why not?

At 5’10" I find the short neck KH20 with uncut seatpost to have the perfect range of adjustment (all the way down for trials, all the way up for more freestyley stuff). For you I would say that the short neck with standard post would be fine for trials but you might have troubles if you want a high seat to practice wheel walking and stuff like that.

i am going to get into trials i have my 24 dx about half way up so i am still not shure

i have a 32ish in inseam

hmmm can you post pictures of how you have uni now?

I would say longneck but not 100% for sure

really, is there any disadvantages of getting a long neck?

here it is

It looks like you could fit a 20 inch KH longneck, and worst case you just cut it a bit.

thank you all and does anyone run a tubless trials unicycle?

don’t know anyone who runs a tub

as for tubeless a few people have tried it but most had burping issues when doing side hops.

sorry tubeless. i use it on my trials bike and muni and love it so its not worth trying

I am not saying it is not worth trying, just that others have had problems. If you have all the stuff I would just go for it and see for yourself.

ill try and put a review up

Ryan atkins tried this ages ago and basically reported it was a terrible idea - link

But feel free to try, as always we want pictures and a review!

Btw get a longneck if you’re 6,2", seatposts don’t snap as much and they look cooler!

Actually his last post in that thread was saying that he was going to try it, it was a bunch of other people (who presumably had not tried it) saying it was a bad idea.

That was probably the thread I remembered. In that case an actual review would be awesome

i’m 6’2 and i just use super long seatposts on my trials cycles. probably about 395mm. i ordered 3 400mm

i haven’t tried a longneck, but i eventually will. i have a kh seatpost that’s in good condition, but it’s only 350mm , so on a short frame the very tip of the seatpost is in there.

i am going with a nimbus

Im 5’7 and have a KH longneck I have the seat all the way down and its the prefect size for me, so if you got one you wouldnt have to cut it.