Longer ISIS Axle on KH/Schlumpf muni hub

Thought I would post in RSU after seeing this thread 2009 Kris Holm Schlumpf Muni Hub **Per Orders**

It looks like Florian will be lengthening the ISIS axle of the KH/Schlumpf muni hub. This is great since you can only really use KH Moments on the current set up without the cranks rubbing the frame. I will probably be stuck with Moments since I have the “older” muni hub, but this is definitely a plus for all of those thinking of buying the KH/Schlumpf hub.

from UDC:

That’s great - the axle on the original hubs is too short as well. I think he basically just specced things for the cranks he had to hand previously.


I wonder how many are being produced. :thinking:

over 100?

How many schlumpf guni hubs have been sold in the history of the earth.

Cool! thanks for forwarding this here…I wouldn’t have seen it. That’s great news that he is improving the design!


This is good (although for my use the current ones seem to be wide enough) but what want to know about is what’s up with the bearing problem reported here by a number of people.

will it fit on my hunter frame?

Aren’t the Hunters all for 40mm bearings? All the KH models use 42mm. I don’t recommend manually boring out to slightly larger to make it fit - causes pressure points.

thanks nathan.

UDC will put them together with any size KH uni.