Long-winded intro of new member Shilo66 :-)

Hi all, I’m Andrew from England, in the United Kingdom of Britain.

I got into unicycling by accident a few years back. Basically I needed some big Wheels for a cycling project that I was doing.

I had a few 36er wheels built up for said Project and one left over, so I decided to get the other parts needed to make it into a proper unicycle, watched a few tutorials, and then gave it a go.

Strangely, I took to unicycling like a duck to water, and over the years I’ve really enjoyed it. I managed to hook up with a small group of enthusiasts in my area and we created our own little forum, nothing as well organised as this, just a bunch of friends exchanging emails and that sort of thing. I was told that I was a natural at unicycling by the group, but as I didn’t know any better, just thought they were being polite. The weird part however, is that I’ve always found it much easier to mount and ride 36ers than I do to mount and ride the smaller wheel sizes, when for most people, it’s the other way round.

Because many people were impressed by my riding and what I could do on a uni, I was often asked if I would teach others how to do so. I eventually got persuaded to teach a youth group in my area, and I found that I enjoyed doing so… and I was getting paid too!

After a few more teaching opportunities, I decided to buy some unicycles, and all the spare parts for them such as rims and tyres, etc - mainly 36er stuff, as I was also into modern Penny farthings and the big Coker bicycles, afterall, riding all these was my speciality) and I sort to set up my own little side business teaching people to ride and to also sell them these too. I hasten to add that I was NOT going to be competition to Unicycle.uk… for me this was just a side hustle to bring in some extra cash for my hobbie, because I had a full-time day job that I loved doing.

I used to be a member of CycleMagic who were a Leicester based Cycle Charity. Unfortunately, they are no more, but our big claim to fame, was that we were the organisation that opened the 2007 Tour-De-France at Hyde Park in London when it came to England… if you GOOGLE Cyclemagic, there are still some references to us on the internet.

Anyway… back to my story… not long after purchasing all this stuff, I was involved in an accident - not on my unicycle I hasten to add - which meant that I was unable to ride for quite some time. Anyway, what with recovery, life and one thing and another, the business idea was put on the sidelines for a few years. But, l kept all the gear that I’d purchased, as I’d always hoped to revive it.

At the beginning of 2020, before the Covid-19 crisis hit Britain, I decided to get back into riding my unicycle again. To my delight, I discovered that I could still ride, but to my despair, it was causing me too much pain. I put it down to me being rusty and out of shape, so I resolved to lose some weight, get fitter and to try again.

A couple of months went by, and I lost some weight, got fitter and thought I’d try again. By this time, it was now March 23rd and Britain was entering into its first Covid-19 related lockdown. Unfortunately for me, when I tried to ride again, the pain I’d felt the first time round was just as strong and I had to come to terms with the fact that my unicycling days were now well and truly over.

So now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve joined this site?.. well, the explanation will probably sound daft to you, but here goes… basically, I’ve decided to get rid of some of my stuff, because it reminds me too much of what I used to be able to do and how good I used to be at it, and this makes me feel quite sad. But, as I’ve become quite sentimental about them… I’d like to see them go to people who I think would really appreciate them. PLUS… despite my lament, I do like to read some of the topics and stories on this forum, as they remind me - in a GOOD way - about how I used to be and the stuff I used to do.

It’s just a shame I hadn’t engaged with you guys earlier, totally my fault, it would have been a lot of fun engaging in lots of chat with more people who had the same interests as me. So I’d like to thank the organisers for creating this site and keeping it updated.

This is a short video of the great group I used to belong to called CycleMagic. Sadly they are no longer around, but It’ll give you guys an idea of my background, history and interest in the weird and wonderful of the bike and unicycle world.


Hi Andrew

Welcome to the forums, as you say, it is a shame you weren’t here a while ago.

It is sad to read about your accident and that you can’t ride any more. I assume that you’ve tried different sized wheels to see if that helps before you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to sell your stuff. I can empathise with your feelings regarding things you have and what you used to do with them.

Anyway, there are few folk on here from the UK, so if you do put stuff up for sale hopefully it goes to a good home. I hope you enjoy reading things here, it has come alive again since things were moved over to the new platform.

All the best.


Hellooo :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you for the welcome. Yes I’ve tried everything that you’ve suggested and more including different seats, different types of padding and then stuff for my knee, etc, etc, etc.

I’ve been trying since March to save my ability to ride, but unfortunately, all to no avail.

It’s particularly irksome because as you know, currently, cycling and other forms of personal transport are all the rage in the Uk due to COVID…and especially around the Birmingham area where I now live, as lots of people are considering using unicycles as they see it as a cool way to travel and not get your transport stolen :sunglasses: … I could’ve made a killing!.. but instead I’m having to offload :frowning:

But hey hoe, that’s life and things could’ve been much worse for me from my accident, so I’m kinda grateful for my blessings… I’m generally a “glass half-filled” kinda guy :slight_smile: … sorry, for our international friends, this means that I’m an optimist and tend to look on the bright side of things.

Regarding the new format, yep, loving it… soooo much easier to see and use. :+1:


Fair enough, I figured you’d probably tried lots of things before reaching your conclusion. I take it bikes are too painful too and you can’t work up to it that way?

Yes, finding a new bike you want just now is getting into hens-teeth territory. It’s not so bad as it was but still not great – from personal experience, some 2021 model bikes are sold out already, it is pretty crazy. Unicycles seemed to be the same at one point in the summer.

It is interesting what you say about folk considering unicycles as a way to work around thieves. Unicycles aren’t the easiest things to lock up securely and your opportunist scumbag probably steals first and thinks how to cash it in later, but fair enough. Anyways, if there are a bunch of folk thinking of getting into unicycling around you, and you’ve got a bunch of unicycles, there is maybe a business opportunity there for you hiring them out :slight_smile: . They’d maybe all get beat up though!

I agree, the new site is very nice, I like the dark mode – I miss the old ‘Unicyclist.community’ logo though :smile:

Hi Andrew,

I’m also new here, that’s quite the introduction, well done & welcome!


So now it is your turn to tell your story. People love to read on here, so we expect quite the essay about your learning curve :smiley:

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Welcome Andrew! So you learnt to ride on a 36er? There can’t be many who did that! Like most people I learnt on a 20" and that was terrifying enough.

And thanks for a great story.

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Agree, great story! A shame about the accident though. :frowning: Can anything be done to get rid of the pain?

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Hiya. I was riding the 36 inch Coker bicycles and 36 inch modern Penny farthings before I started on the unicycles, hence the need for large wheels for my cycling project, as we wanted to build our own monster bikes. So i was pretty used to that sized wheel. Plus the fact that even before riding those monsters, I used to be the a ‘wheelie King’ on regular bicycles. So that training came in handy for getting used to balancing.

P.S. I’ve just added a short video to my intro.

Hi. thank you. Re pain, unfortunately I do not believe so. Afterall, I’m 54 now,

Hi, I’ve added a short video to my intro, it’ll give you some answers.

Hi. I’ve added a video to my intro that’ll give you more of an idea about me, my cycling background, etc, etc.

54 isn’t old…


Hi Gockie. I’ve added a short video to my intro about the Cyclemagic group I used to be a member of. It’ll give you more of an idea about me, my background and my interest in the weird and wonderful world of bikes and unicycles.

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