Long Time. New Question.

It has been for too long since I’ve been here. Since I’ve ridden, for that matter. On the bright side, I am now an Eagle Scout. Anyway, here’s my question, though I’m sure it’s been asked here before (but you try searching for “street” or “saddle” on this forum): What would you say the best street saddle is and why. Currently I have a shoddy old KH seat and I find it difficult to remove for seat out tricks. Also, it bends, but that’s just because the screws to the post ripped out.

Anyway, preferred street saddle and why.

I’d say the nimbus gel seat is the best without going to CF. it’s really really thin, and very comfy.

or the KH gel seat which is slightly bigger and more comfy than the Nimbus. LX and miyata seats are also good as long as you buy a seat stiffener ($10) but they aren’t as comfy

Where can you order the kh gel seat?


There’s no gel saddle there.

Congratulations on obtaining the rank of eagle. What was your project. :smiley:

Thanks. I put on a big concert to raise awareness about Marfan Syndrome.

So I’m hearing Nimbus gel, what about Koxx? I hear nothing but good things about everything they make.

koxx, good make, way too expensive. The koxx design is more or less exactly the same as the nimbus, which I too would recommend. I’ve been through alot of seat!